Snow comes to Dorset - March 2018

Snow at Wimborne, Dorset

This month snow came to Wimborne, so I thought that I would take a rare opportunity to get out and about and explore nature and the landscape whilst it was covered in a blanket of snow.

Although I can’t do much gardening work in this weather, I can plan what I’m going to do – in my own garden and clients’ gardens – as I walk and admire the beautiful snowy scenery.

Cotoneaster Salicifolius – Willow leaved Cotoneaster is a small to medium, low-lying evergreen arching shrub and makes a great addition to the garden, giving all year round interest, also a good food source for the birds such as blackbirds, thrushes and waxwigs.

Snow creates a 'winter wonderland' in Wimborne Dorset.

Daffodill buds can survive cold and freezing weather conditions for short periods of time and so hopefully these will come in to flower!

Snow gives a 'winter wonderland' in Wimborne Dorset. March 2018.

A stream that has a rust appearance due to the iron in the water, and bacteria feeding on it!

'Winter wonderland' in Wimborne Dorset. March 2018.

Ivy berries are a rich source of nectar, pollen and food for the insects and birds, and look very attractive as well!

'Winter wonderland', Wimborne Dorset. March 2018.

Leaves can be a mix of interesting colours, and can brighten up a winter scene.

Winter comes to Wimborne, Dorset. March 2018.

Photo taken of the bark from a Pine tree with interesting texture, colour and form, enhanced by the snow!

Snow covers the garden, Wimborne, Dorset. March 2018.

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