Rose Bed Planting, Corfe Mullen, Dorset

Rose Bed Planting, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset

New rose bed in Corfe Mullen garden.

Above: After ground was prepared and roses planted.

Rose bed underplanted with Lavender, Nepeta and Salvia – Corfe Mullen

My client requested a rose bed in his Corfe Mullen garden however, we had to think carefully as we needed to try and deter the local resident deer from eating everything!!

I decided on top roses, which we underplanted with English Lavender, Nepeta, and Salvias to add more interest to the planting. Also, the bees love it!

Each rose was chosen for its prolonged flowering period and lovely scent, and although roses do require some maintenance – regular feeding, dead heading to promote more flower, and some winter pruning to create a good open shape – they reward you with beautifully scented flowers. You can then enjoy your roses throughout the summer months and into autumn.

As I understand it deer turn up their noses at strongly scented plants such as Sages, ornamental Salvia and lavender, as they are supposed to be just too stinky..!!

So, fingers crossed that all the plants will be safe from Corfe Mullen’s resident deer!!

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