Garden Restoration, Planning and Planting, Ferndown

Garden Restoration, Ferndown

Garden restoration Ferndown, Dorset.

I was asked by my clients, who had recently moved house, to rethink the existing plan of their Ferndown garden. It was overgrown with a 20ft Rhododendron and willow trees, which cast a lot of shade and depleted any goodness and moisture from soil.

Garden planning and planting ideas

My clients also wanted new borders prepared and some planning and planting ideas to add some colour, textures and forms throughout the changing seasons.

I firstly got in touch with a local garden clearance company who cleared the Rhododendron and willow; also the front garden of overgrown shrubs.

Raised front garden flower bed

In the front garden a raised bed using hardwood sleepers was put in, which I later planted up with evergreen Griselinia Littoralis for hedging. This was done to help reduce the noise of the busy traffic and to also add a bit of privacy.

Once the garden was cleared of the bigger trees and shrubs I was able to carry on with ‘small time’ clearance – cutting back etc, planning and preparation of the borders, and then the fun bit… the planting. 🙂

Finished: the Ferndown garden restoration…

This Ferndown garden now looks bright and cheerful and is something my clients can be proud of.

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