New Rockery/Rockery Makeover, Ashley Heath

New Rockery/Rockery Makeover Ashley Heath


Garden Restoration Ringwood

My client, at Ashley Heath, near Ringwood, asked if I could come up with some garden restoration ideas to improve the look of a neglected and overgrown rockery. 

The rockery had originally been planted by the client’s father over 40 years ago, with a mix of evergreen conifers, shrubs and perennials. However, over time these had become very leggy and out of shape, and the old rockery was long overdue some TLC and a rockery ‘makeover’!

After talking to the client it was clear that the best way forward was to bring in a team of gardeners to clear the rockery of most of the existing plants. This would serve to make way for new plants and effectively a new rockery.

New rockery with colour, different textures and form

Clearing the rockery wasn’t easy! We had to work around the existing boulders to plan and plant the area with a mix of some new small conifers and shrubs, ground spreading alpines, succulents, perennials and bulbs. This would ensure the new rockery had an array of colour, different textures and form throughout the changing seasons. 

The new rockery/rockery makeover took place in the spring of 2017.  Each month of 2018 we’ve carried out garden restoration and maintenance in this Ashley Heath garden, and have been able to watch both rockery and garden grow and flourish. 

Now the garden with its new rockery has taken on a whole new look and is maturing with ease, with plenty of colour and interest to enjoy throughout the year – and for many years to come.

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