Mixed Border Planting – Ashley Heath

Mixed Border Planting, Ashley Heath

Photo of completed mixed border planting.

My clients asked if I would plan and plant a new border in their garden. The idea being to cut down on the lawn maintenance and create new year round interest. With the help of my asstant colleague we marked out a 2 meter wide, simple curved border in the existing lawn. This worked well giving the garden a sence of more space. The turf was manually cut, then stacked, face down in the corner of the garden. Over time the turf will rote down, making a loamy soil for use later. 

Once the border was prepared it was then time to start thinking about the planting. The clients requested a low maintenance border, giving lots of interest throughout the year with form and structure. The positioning of the border was in an open sunny part of the garden, with protection from cold winds. The soil was typically acidic, sandy loam with an already good structure.

Next it was time to source the plants so I payed a visit to Plant’s forTrade, a local commercial plants nursery, based near West Parley, Ferndown, where they supply an up to date array of interesting quality plants suitable for our local climate. 

The finished plan was a mix of evergreen and deciduous shrubs interplanted with ornamental grasses bringing movement and unity to the finished planting. 


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Spring Wall Planting, Colehill, Wimborne

Spring Wall Planting, Colehill

Spring wall planting Colehill Wimborne, by Benita's Garden & Landscaping Services, Dorset.

Alpines, ground cover perennials and sub-shrubs planted in a Wimborne garden wall

This garden, in Colehill, Wimborne, now features a bright and cheerful mixed planting of alpines, ground cover perennials, and sub-shrubs in a wall border.

Most importantly alpines need be planted in free draining soil and so plenty of grit was added to the medium to aid this. Grit was also applied as a surface mulch, helping to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

This Wimborne wall will now have a stunning display of flower colour from spring through into summer. 

Plants used in this Colehill wall planting project

Plants: Saxifrage, phlox douglasii – (tufted or common phlox), Sedum palmeri – (Mexican stonecrop).  Cerastium Tomentosum – (Snow in summer), Erigeron glaucus ‘sea breeze’, Rosemarinus officinalis – ‘prostrate Rosemary’

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