Help with Overgrown and Neglected Garden, Christchurch

Garden Tidy Up Christchurch, Dorset

Help With a Neglected and Overgrown Garden in Christchurch


Help with a neglected and overgrown garden tidy up, Christchurch. After the spring tidy up.

Above: after the spring garden tidy up, in Christchurch..

Spring garden tidy up

My client asked for help with a neglected and overgrown garden, and to do a spring tidy-up, plan and plant.  The request was for wildlife friendly and easy maintenance plants.  I was also asked for some advice on how to maintain the garden and I was more than happy to assist my client. 

This Christchurch garden was in sun for most of the day, apart from under the apple tree. The borders were raised with free draining soil, so plenty of organic material needed to be added to help maintain moisture.

Mixed shrubs and perennials

I came up with a suitable planting plan and chose a mix of shrubs and perennials which were low maintenance and fairly drought tolerant. Check out the photos below to see the results.

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New Rockery/Rockery Makeover, Ashley Heath

New Rockery/Rockery Makeover Ashley Heath


Garden Restoration Ringwood

My client, at Ashley Heath, near Ringwood, asked if I could come up with some garden restoration ideas to improve the look of a neglected and overgrown rockery. 

The rockery had originally been planted by the client’s father over 40 years ago, with a mix of evergreen conifers, shrubs and perennials. However, over time these had become very leggy and out of shape, and the old rockery was long overdue some TLC and a rockery ‘makeover’!

After talking to the client it was clear that the best way forward was to bring in a team of gardeners to clear the rockery of most of the existing plants. This would serve to make way for new plants and effectively a new rockery.

New rockery with colour, different textures and form

Clearing the rockery wasn’t easy! We had to work around the existing boulders to plan and plant the area with a mix of some new small conifers and shrubs, ground spreading alpines, succulents, perennials and bulbs. This would ensure the new rockery had an array of colour, different textures and form throughout the changing seasons. 

The new rockery/rockery makeover took place in the spring of 2017.  Each month of 2018 we’ve carried out garden restoration and maintenance in this Ashley Heath garden, and have been able to watch both rockery and garden grow and flourish. 

Now the garden with its new rockery has taken on a whole new look and is maturing with ease, with plenty of colour and interest to enjoy throughout the year – and for many years to come.

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Garden Restoration, Planning and Planting, Ferndown

Garden Restoration, Ferndown

Garden restoration Ferndown, Dorset.

I was asked by my clients, who had recently moved house, to rethink the existing plan of their Ferndown garden. It was overgrown with a 20ft Rhododendron and willow trees, which cast a lot of shade and depleted any goodness and moisture from soil.

Garden planning and planting ideas

My clients also wanted new borders prepared and some planning and planting ideas to add some colour, textures and forms throughout the changing seasons.

I firstly got in touch with a local garden clearance company who cleared the Rhododendron and willow; also the front garden of overgrown shrubs.

Raised front garden flower bed

In the front garden a raised bed using hardwood sleepers was put in, which I later planted up with evergreen Griselinia Littoralis for hedging. This was done to help reduce the noise of the busy traffic and to also add a bit of privacy.

Once the garden was cleared of the bigger trees and shrubs I was able to carry on with ‘small time’ clearance – cutting back etc, planning and preparation of the borders, and then the fun bit… the planting. 🙂

Finished: the Ferndown garden restoration…

This Ferndown garden now looks bright and cheerful and is something my clients can be proud of.

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Spring Wall Planting, Colehill, Wimborne

Spring Wall Planting, Colehill

Spring wall planting Colehill Wimborne, by Benita's Garden & Landscaping Services, Dorset.

Alpines, ground cover perennials and sub-shrubs planted in a Wimborne garden wall

This garden, in Colehill, Wimborne, now features a bright and cheerful mixed planting of alpines, ground cover perennials, and sub-shrubs in a wall border.

Most importantly alpines need be planted in free draining soil and so plenty of grit was added to the medium to aid this. Grit was also applied as a surface mulch, helping to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

This Wimborne wall will now have a stunning display of flower colour from spring through into summer. 

Plants used in this Colehill wall planting project

Plants: Saxifrage, phlox douglasii – (tufted or common phlox), Sedum palmeri – (Mexican stonecrop).  Cerastium Tomentosum – (Snow in summer), Erigeron glaucus ‘sea breeze’, Rosemarinus officinalis – ‘prostrate Rosemary’

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Spring Garden Tidy Up, Verwood

Spring Garden Tidy Up Verwood

Spring garden tidy up Verwood. Garden restoration Dorset.

Garden Tidy Up and Garden Restoration by Benita’s Garden & Landscaping Services

This garden project was for a client in Verwood, Dorset, who requested some ideas to brighten up a south facing garden and a tired looking, walled, mixed border. My client wanted the garden to be fully restored, with some additional interest from new plants.

I used the following plants that are ideal for a sunny and partly shady, raised, mixed walled border:  

Lonicera – perichymenum  ‘Purple Queen’, Flowering Quince – Chaenomeles x Superba ‘Pink Lady’,  Flowering Current – Ribes – Sanguineum ‘Kind Edwards V11’, Potentilla – frutiacosa – Goldfinger, lillium – Asiatic Lily, ‘cob crimson’, Salvia – nemorosa ‘caradonna’, Salivia nemorosa ‘East Friesland’, Salvia – ‘Dayglow’, Aubriata, Hook sedge – Uncinia rubra, Lithodora – diffusa  ‘Heavenly Blue’, Heuchera – Orange Dream.

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