Garden Makeover, Ringwood

Garden Makeover, Ringwood

Benita works on a Ringwood garden makeover.

Above: Benita working on the garden makeover, Ringwood.

Plants for garden ‘interest’ and easy management

This part of the Ringwood garden was originally planned and built by the client for growing fruit and vegetables. However, for various reasons it had become too much to cope with and so lay redundant! The client asked if I could come up with some planting ideas to not only make this part of the garden interesting to look at, but also easier to manage.

The project was planned at different stages, and together with the help of my colleague, we planted a low maintenance planting scheme to brighten up a rather dull and boring space. 

The planting scheme has a mix of dwarf conifers, heathers, small evergreen and deciduous shrubs, evergreen perennials and spring bulbs. These will give a tapestry of colour, texture and form throughout the year.

Hydrangea Planting

The client then requested hydrangeas!, so I came up with a planting plan with pink and white hydrangeas as the focal point. These were under-planted with mat-forming white and blue ground cover plants and grasses.

Mediterranean & Small Rock Garden

The final section in this lovely Ringwood garden comprised Mediterranean style planting and a small rock garden.

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Coastal Garden Restoration, Westbourne, Bournemouth

Coastal Garden Restoration, Westbourne, Bournemouth

Photo of Westbourne coastal garden restoration, in Bournemouth.

Above: The Westbourne garden, overlooking the sea at Bournemouth, Dorset.

Renovating a coastal garden, Bournemouth

This was a communal gardening project for a garden overlooking the sea at Westbourne, in Bournemouth.

The task was to restore parts of the garden to its former glory, which was done by bringing vigour and interest to the existing planting scheme. Being a coastal garden, shrubs, heathers and other plants had become a bit windswept and bare over the years, so either needed restoring or replacing altogether.

First, we set about cutting out the dead and dying wood, trimmed the hedges, and then pruned the shrubs. Our next mission was to clear away the weeds, plant new shrubs, heathers and climbers. We also put down a good layer of woodland mulch to help condition and hold moisture in the soil.

This particular garden project has been challenging, but also very rewarding, especially now when everything is putting on new growth and looking fresh, with interesting structures, forms, textures, and vibrant colour.

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Creating A Low Maintenance Garden, St Leonard’s, Dorset

Creating A Low Maintenance Garden, St Leonard's, Dorset

Newly-planted heather in a St. Leonard's low maintenance garden, Dorset.

Today I took a trip out to St. Leonard’s, near Ringwood, to work on an overgrown and neglected back garden. My client, David, wanted me to create a low maintenance garden so he could enjoy it all year round.

Soil improvement

To begin with I cleared away the dead and dying shrubs, plus plants and weeds. The soil was acidic, impoverished, dry and sandy, and so I incorporated plenty of organic matter to improve its condition.

St Leonard’s low maintenance garden planting

After that I set about planting low maintenance varieties of heather, which will add colour and texture to David’s garden at different times of the year.

To add even more interest and colour during the winter months, I planted up some pots. I chose hellebores, heather, primula and pansies, and in the springtime the hellebores and heathers can be planted out to act as ground cover.

Lawn renovation

The lawn was also in need of a lot of tender care. I started with scarification as this helps lawns by physically removing the moss and lawn thatch.

Initially, scarifying will make your lawn look worse, but it the long run it will look much, much better. After aerating, I put down a good quality top soil dressing, followed by grass seed. It won’t be too long before David has a nice, green lawn again.

I’ve really enjoyed restoring this St Leonard’s garden and look forward to keeping it cared for with my regular garden maintenance programme.

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Garden Renovation, restoration, and Planting Project – near Wimborne

Garden Renovation, Restoration, and Planting project - near Wimborne

Garden renovation, restoration, and planting project – near Wimborne

Garden restoration Wimborne, Dorset.

After: the Wimborne garden renovation, restoration, planning, and planting project.

Assessing the garden.

My client asked if I could help to restore his rather overgrown and neglected garden near Wimborne.

First of all, I assessed the garden and could see that most of the plants had become very overgrown and neglected. Trees and shrubs were competing for light and had become leggy and misshaped and in need of renovating. Furthermore, brambles, ground elder and couch grass had taken over,  starving plants of any nutrients in the soil. Renovating and clearing the beds and borders were our first concern before any planning and planting could begin.

Renovation and restoration begins

We began by reshaping the Camellias cutting them back by one third. Removing dead, dying and diseased wood from other mature overgrown shrubs and trees. Once the main structural work had been tackled it was time to make a start of clearing the unwanted undergrowth.

New shrubs and small trees planted

As a result of the major clearing work,  we were able to start planning and planting the garden. Introducing new species of trees, shrubs, perennials, and climbing plants, to add form, texture, color, and scent. I am working towards restoring the garden so there is interest throughout the changing seasons for the client to enjoy.

Progress made

Since starting the project in spring, we have been progressively restoring the garden back to its former glory.  We have also added some new plant species which has worked well complementing the existing planting and garden landscape. The garden is now beginning to take on a new refreshed look with plenty of interest to enjoy.

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Rose Bed Planting, Corfe Mullen, Dorset

Rose Bed Planting, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset

New rose bed in Corfe Mullen garden.

Above: After ground was prepared and roses planted.

Rose bed underplanted with Lavender, Nepeta and Salvia – Corfe Mullen

My client requested a rose bed in his Corfe Mullen garden however, we had to think carefully as we needed to try and deter the local resident deer from eating everything!!

I decided on top roses, which we underplanted with English Lavender, Nepeta, and Salvias to add more interest to the planting. Also, the bees love it!

Each rose was chosen for its prolonged flowering period and lovely scent, and although roses do require some maintenance – regular feeding, dead heading to promote more flower, and some winter pruning to create a good open shape – they reward you with beautifully scented flowers. You can then enjoy your roses throughout the summer months and into autumn.

As I understand it deer turn up their noses at strongly scented plants such as Sages, ornamental Salvia and lavender, as they are supposed to be just too stinky..!!

So, fingers crossed that all the plants will be safe from Corfe Mullen’s resident deer!!

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