Woodland Garden Planting in West Parley, Ferndown.

Woodland Garden Planting Scheme Ferndown

Autumn woodland planting

After being contacted by potential clients looking for a gardener to maintain their garden, I arrange a visit to discuss the requirements.

The garden had recently been landscaped and planted and so now the plants needed to be maintained. After the initial meeting with the clients and evaluating the garden it became apparent that the idea of adding more interest in the form of more planting in the raised wall surrounding the front drive way was a good way forward. I was more than happy to help and set about organising the planning the planting.

Shrubs, perennials & spring bulbs

Much of the area was cast by light shade and over hanging oak trees but which benefited from afternoon sun. After taking photo images of the site I then set about working out a list of plants which would work well and look good all year round, giving the garden a much fuller and interesting look.

We then set a date, sourced larger plants which were suitable for the site, and planted, which gave an almost instant mature look to the garden. I Choose plants that were mainly evergreen, in varying different forms, colours and textures, with the added bonus of scented flower and berries to give interest all the year round. Along with planting the shrubs and some perennials we also added tulips and dwarf daffodils to give that extra boost of fresh colour for spring.

I am now looking forward to seeing the garden spring to life once the warmer weather and longer day light hours arrives which hopefully won’t be for too long and is just around the corner!

[Below: Photos of the newly-planted woodland garden at Ferndown.]

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