Spring Wall Planting, Colehill

Spring wall planting Colehill Wimborne, by Benita's Garden & Landscaping Services, Dorset.

Alpines, ground cover perennials and sub-shrubs planted in a Wimborne garden wall

This garden, in Colehill, Wimborne, now features a bright and cheerful mixed planting of alpines, ground cover perennials, and sub-shrubs in a wall border.

Most importantly alpines need be planted in free draining soil and so plenty of grit was added to the medium to aid this. Grit was also applied as a surface mulch, helping to conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

This Wimborne wall will now have a stunning display of flower colour from spring through into summer. 

Plants used in this Colehill wall planting project

Plants: Saxifrage, phlox douglasii – (tufted or common phlox), Sedum palmeri – (Mexican stonecrop).  Cerastium Tomentosum – (Snow in summer), Erigeron glaucus ‘sea breeze’, Rosemarinus officinalis – ‘prostrate Rosemary’

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