Garden Tidy Up Christchurch, Dorset

Help With a Neglected and Overgrown Garden in Christchurch


Help with a neglected and overgrown garden tidy up, Christchurch. After the spring tidy up.

Above: after the spring garden tidy up, in Christchurch..

Spring garden tidy up

My client asked for help with a neglected and overgrown garden, and to do a spring tidy-up, plan and plant.  The request was for wildlife friendly and easy maintenance plants.  I was also asked for some advice on how to maintain the garden and I was more than happy to assist my client. 

This Christchurch garden was in sun for most of the day, apart from under the apple tree. The borders were raised with free draining soil, so plenty of organic material needed to be added to help maintain moisture.

Mixed shrubs and perennials

I came up with a suitable planting plan and chose a mix of shrubs and perennials which were low maintenance and fairly drought tolerant. Check out the photos below to see the results.

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