Garden Restoration & Renovation, Wimborne.

Garden Restoration, Renovation & Planting, Wimborne

My client asked if I could help to restore his rather overgrown and neglected garden near Wimborne.

First of all, I assessed the garden and could see that most of the plants had become very overgrown and neglected. Trees and shrubs were competing for light and had become leggy and misshaped and in need of renovating. Furthermore, brambles, ground elder and couch grass had taken over, starving plants of any nutrients in the soil. Renovating and clearing the beds and borders were our first concern before any planning and planting could begin.

Renovation and restoration begins

We began by reshaping the Camellias cutting them back by one third. Removing dead, dying and diseased wood from other mature overgrown shrubs and trees. Once the main structural work had been tackled it was time to make a start of clearing the unwanted undergrowth.

New shrubs and small trees planted

As a result of the major clearing work, we were able to start planning and planting the garden. Introducing new species of trees, shrubs, perennials, and climbing plants, to add form, texture, color, and scent. I am working towards restoring the garden so there is interest throughout the changing seasons for the client to enjoy.

Progress made

Since starting the project in spring, we have been progressively restoring the garden back to its former glory. We have also added some new plant species which has worked well complementing the existing planting and garden landscape. The garden is now beginning to take on a new refreshed look with plenty of interest to enjoy.

[Below: Photos of the newly-renovated and planted Wimborne garden.]

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