Garden Makeover, Ringwood

Benita works on a Ringwood garden makeover.

Above: Benita working on the garden makeover, Ringwood.

Plants for garden ‘interest’ and easy management

This part of the Ringwood garden was originally planned and built by the client for growing fruit and vegetables. However, for various reasons it had become too much to cope with and so lay redundant! The client asked if I could come up with some planting ideas to not only make this part of the garden interesting to look at, but also easier to manage.

The project was planned at different stages, and together with the help of my colleague, we planted a low maintenance planting scheme to brighten up a rather dull and boring space. 

The planting scheme has a mix of dwarf conifers, heathers, small evergreen and deciduous shrubs, evergreen perennials and spring bulbs. These will give a tapestry of colour, texture and form throughout the year.

Hydrangea Planting

The client then requested hydrangeas!, so I came up with a planting plan with pink and white hydrangeas as the focal point. These were under-planted with mat-forming white and blue ground cover plants and grasses.

Mediterranean & Small Rock Garden

The final section in this lovely Ringwood garden comprised Mediterranean style planting and a small rock garden.

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