Creating A Low Maintenance Garden, St Leonard's, Dorset

Newly-planted heather in a St. Leonard's low maintenance garden, Dorset.

Today I took a trip out to St. Leonard’s, near Ringwood, to work on an overgrown and neglected back garden. My client, David, wanted me to create a low maintenance garden so he could enjoy it all year round.

Soil improvement

To begin with I cleared away the dead and dying shrubs, plus plants and weeds. The soil was acidic, impoverished, dry and sandy, and so I incorporated plenty of organic matter to improve its condition.

St Leonard’s low maintenance garden planting

After that I set about planting low maintenance varieties of heather, which will add colour and texture to David’s garden at different times of the year.

To add even more interest and colour during the winter months, I planted up some pots. I chose hellebores, heather, primula and pansies, and in the springtime the hellebores and heathers can be planted out to act as ground cover.

Lawn renovation

The lawn was also in need of a lot of tender care. I started with scarification as this helps lawns by physically removing the moss and lawn thatch.

Initially, scarifying will make your lawn look worse, but it the long run it will look much, much better. After aerating, I put down a good quality top soil dressing, followed by grass seed. It won’t be too long before David has a nice, green lawn again.

I’ve really enjoyed restoring this St Leonard’s garden and look forward to keeping it cared for with my regular garden maintenance programme.

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