Help with garden planting & planning

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Is your garden, or outdoor space, perhaps looking a little drab and in need of some thoughtful creative planting ideas from a professional gardener /horticulturalist?

Are you looking to add new beds and borders and planting themes that will give you colour, form and texture throughout the changing seasons to suit your particular growing environment?

Or do you just need a few planting changes made here and there to bulk up what you already have?

If the answer to the above is “yes”, then I can help create the right style of planting for your particular outdoor space that will suit your soil and position in your garden for you to enjoy year on year.

Planning out a planting theme to create a well-balanced display and grouping plants effectively and knowing how to cope with different heights and growth habits is the right step towards planting a successful display. So whatever your particular style and colour preference would be, or if you’re not too sure and would like some advice and guidance, then help is at hand.

How garden improvements add value

Spending a little time and investment on improving your garden will help to add value to your property. That is because a well maintained and attractive outdoor space will be seen as an extension of the home.

Additionally, having an outdoor space to relax and unwind can have health benefits. Spending time with nature and simply viewing your garden provides both physical and physiological benefits, helping to reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance your overall well being.

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Themes and ideas to revitalise your outdoor space...

Naturalistic Planting

This looks at the different ways in which plants are arranged in nature.

For example you may like the idea of recreating a wild flower meadow, drifts of grasses which provide movement and structure throughout the year, planted with herbaceous perennials to bring in colour and form of your choice and which are suited to your gardens particular growing conditions.

Naturalistic planting plans.

Contemporary Planting

These type of plantings fit well with geometric layouts, contemporary gardens need plants that fit with a strong, architecturally-driven style and features including lighting and water.

The idea is to choose fewer plant types, and repeating the planting pattern, contained within neat borders, raised beds and planters. Keep planting limited to key areas and be bold with your plant choices.

Compensate for the use of fewer plants by positioning more eye-catching varieties in more prominent spots, like the corner of a bed or next to paving or decking. Trees such as Japanese maple, work well against smooth painted walls or screens. Use planting to break up and define other elements in the garden like lawns, paving, decking and pools.

Architectural plants like palms, yuccas and phormiums define the style with crisp outlines. Clipped box or yew in rows or blocks, bearded irises in regimental lines for uniformity. Drifts of soft grasses add movement and elegant screens of bamboo add vertical lines and height.

Contemporary planting plans.

Wildlife Friendly Planting

Looking at ways of making a wildlife haven for nature and attracting birds, pollinating insects like bees, butterflies, moths and hedgehogs into your garden.

Wildlife friendly planting plans.

Woodland Planting

Whether it’s a small patch of shrubs or single tree, as long as it creates shade for particular woodland flowering bulbs and perennials and is ideally east or north facing, can make a beautiful flowering display.

Woodland planting plans.

Mediterranean Garden Theme

Hard landscaping is vital to achieving a Mediterranean garden, so using large terracotta pots or simple rusted metal archways can create a strong framework for planting. An arch or pergola also provides an opportunity to create shade using shade sails or dense climbers.

Any Mediterranean garden also requires gravel as it creates pathways and reflects any heat and sunlight back on to plants. Gravel also produces a natural feel to the garden. High-maintenance plants are out – and easy maintenance plants are in.

Soil and sun

Mediterranean plants will not thrive in cold, wet or waterlogged soils. Thin soils that drain quickly are a must. Plants like Olive Trees, Phlomis, rosemary and lavender will thrive in full sun, and well drained alkaline to neutral soil, protected from cold winds. They need it dry or will rot in the wet.
If you plant in shade, they will very quickly succumb to pest and diseases. They need to be grown in the sunniest of spots and your plants will be tough and hardy and thrive.

It is important that your Mediterranean garden is sustainable as water and irrigation are at a premium and sun levels are high. Any plants chosen have to be tough, adaptable and capable of growing without too much maintenance.

Gravel is key to a Mediterranean garden. It makes for a perfect mulch around plants as it reduces water loss and prevents weeds from growing up.

The Mediterranean garden, once created, can look great and also be low-maintenance, allowing you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the view.

Mediterranean Garden Theme

Rock Garden Planting

A rock garden can provide you with different habitats even in a small area. Sun loving plants can be placed to make the most of its sunny face whilst shade-tolerant plants can be planted in its north-facing shadow.

Alpines, originate from high altitude regions above the tree line. There is good drainage and usually cold, dry winters with high light levels. In the garden however, rock plants also includes smaller shrubs and perennials to add additional interest and structure.

Your garden doesn’t have to be on a large scale to enjoy a rock garden as it is possible to plant in features such as a dry stone wall or alpin sink or trough.

Rock garden planting – A good choice if you prefer a low maintenance garden, as it tends to be a more Mediterranean style, drought tolerant planting, which ideally provides plenty of nectar and pollen for visiting insects.

Rock Garden Planting

Cottage Garden Planting

These informal, anything goes mixed plantings are ideal for anyone wanting to grow lots of plants in a small area. Shrubs for some structure, perennials, climbers, bulbs, annuals, along with grow your own fruit and vegetables if you wish.

Cottage garden planting.

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