Spring tidy-ups in the garden

Give your garden a spring clean!

Wimborne, Ferndown, Verwood, Ringwood, Bournemouth and Poole areas

Are there leaves and debris covering the lawn that need clearing?
Do your trees and shrubs need pruning and cutting back professionally?
Are your hedges in need of trimming?
Is your patio looking a little dull and in need of a jet wash to spruce it back up to it’s former glory?

If the answer is yes, just give Benita’s Garden & Landscaping Services a call on 07891 985701 to discuss your garden tidy up requirements. Alternatively, you can use the “contact us” form and I will get back to you without delay!

Before we’ve tidied your garden…

Spring tidy-ups in the garden - Wimborne, Ferndown, Verwood, Ringwood, Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset.

After the garden tidy-up…

After we've tidied up your garden. Spring tidy-ups in the garden - Wimborne, Ferndown, Verwood, Ringwood, Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset.

I work with private and commercial clients providing garden and landscaping services across Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Colehill, West Moors, Ferndown, Verwood, Ashley Heath, Ringwood, St Leonards, St. Ives, Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset.

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Wimborne Winter Wonderland, Dorset

Snow comes to Dorset - March 2018

Snow at Wimborne, Dorset

This month snow came to Wimborne, so I thought that I would take a rare opportunity to get out and about and explore nature and the landscape whilst it was covered in a blanket of snow.

Although I can’t do much gardening work in this weather, I can plan what I’m going to do – in my own garden and clients’ gardens – as I walk and admire the beautiful snowy scenery.

Cotoneaster Salicifolius – Willow leaved Cotoneaster is a small to medium, low-lying evergreen arching shrub and makes a great addition to the garden, giving all year round interest, also a good food source for the birds such as blackbirds, thrushes and waxwigs.

Snow creates a 'winter wonderland' in Wimborne Dorset.

Daffodill buds can survive cold and freezing weather conditions for short periods of time and so hopefully these will come in to flower!

Snow gives a 'winter wonderland' in Wimborne Dorset. March 2018.

A stream that has a rust appearance due to the iron in the water, and bacteria feeding on it!

'Winter wonderland' in Wimborne Dorset. March 2018.

Ivy berries are a rich source of nectar, pollen and food for the insects and birds, and look very attractive as well!

'Winter wonderland', Wimborne Dorset. March 2018.

Leaves can be a mix of interesting colours, and can brighten up a winter scene.

Winter comes to Wimborne, Dorset. March 2018.

Photo taken of the bark from a Pine tree with interesting texture, colour and form, enhanced by the snow!

Snow covers the garden, Wimborne, Dorset. March 2018.

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Winter Pruning: Apple & Pear Trees

Winter in the garden: pruning apple and pear trees

Winter Pruning Apples & Pears…

It’s good to keep up the maintenance and winter prune to help keep apples and pears healthy and productive, which is normally between November and March. Keeping fruit trees in good shape is the most reliable way to achieve high yields.

Firstly any dead, dying or diseased branches should be cut back to healthy buds or remove altogether back to the base, taking out old, unproductive branches, and cutting back close to where they join. By doing this, in spring, the flow of sap is concentrated into fewer buds resulting in stronger growth.

Apples that are grown on dwarfing root stock (M9 & M27) need little pruning, however medium to large trees benefit. The aim is to open up the centre of the tree so that air can circulate between branches helping to minimise between pest and diseases, and letting in more light to reach the developing fruit in summer.

Once your tree has reached its required size and shape, most of the pruning can be done in summer leaving a small amount to be done in winter.

Summer pruning encourages flowers and fruit.

Live in Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Colehill, West Moors, Ferndown, Verwood, Blandford, St Leonards, Ashley Heath, Bournemouth or Poole?

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Flower shrubs to give interest and scent in your garden through winter into early spring

Flower shrubs to give interest and scent in your garden through winter into early spring.

Viburnum tinus ‘Eve price’

A pretty flowering winter shrub; this is a white variety, but you can also get pink flowering varieties.

Evergreen bushy habitat, flowering from November – March. Wildlife friendly, providing cover for birds and berries that are a welcome source of food.

Viburnum tinus makes an effective, informal hedge or may be trimmed to shape. It can act as a good wind break and reduces unwanted noise pollution.

Viburnum tinus 'Eve price'.

Mahonia x media ‘Charity’

This is a very attractive, upright, evergreen, winter flowering shrub that flowers November – March, has rosettes of dark green holly like leaves and sweetly scented yellow flowers. These provide a valuable source of nectar and bunches of deep purple berries to attract the birds.

This fully hardy Mahonia makes a interesting focal point for a shady part of the garden, and requires humus rich, well drained soil.

Mahonia x media 'Charity'.

Jasmine nudiflorum Winter Jasmine

A slender, deciduous, climbing shrub covered in bright yellow flowers from November through to early March.

It is native to China and easy to grow on wires or trellis, or looks very attractive if left to scramble freely over walls. This shrub will brighten up your garden on cold, dark, winter days.

Prune after flowering to strong buds or young lower branches, cut back older shoots by about a quarter to the base.

They prefer full sun or partial shade in any fertile, well drained soil.

Jasmine nudiflorum Winter Jasmine.